Match Report ~ BAC2 6 vs Lydney 1

The day started quietly for BAC2 and the players assembled slowly on the pitch.  The Lydney players huddled inside the sports centre which stank of drains.  The BAC2 players were looking calm and relaxed, not a hangover between them, for that reason alone it was going to be an odd day.

The start of the game was delayed by a couple of minutes whilst one of the umpires suffered a pen emergency, his nibs were all dry.

The players lined up and BAC2 were playing into the sun, not to worry though as within 2 minutes of the starting whistle Ali fired in the first goal, THE FIRST GOAL!  Firstly no hangovers and now BAC2 were opening the scoring, this reporter/supporter/tweeter/photographer/cameraman was feeling faint.

One goal up the crowd politely applauded, without 2 Sticks to lead the cheer it just didn’t feel right to burst eardrums.

BAC2 dominated the game for what seemed like an eternity and it wasn’t until 15 minutes into the match before Lydney took an excursion into the BAC2 D.  From that point end to end play started to developed and Lydney were keen to equalize.

At the Lydney end Carrie and Ali took possession of the ball and were taking turns belting it at the Lydney goal, eventually the keeper couldn’t match their pace and Ali blasted in goal number 2 for BAC2.  Following a reset Lydney realised they had to up their game and took the ball down to the BAC2 end and won a short corner.  Shorts were not something I imagine Lydney practice much judging by their performance on this occasion, the ball finding its way quickly to BAC2 and a counter attack was on.

Into the sun ran Hammy, Ali and Ned, spread across the field passing the ball between them, supporting them and following in from behind were Carrie and Ceri, they looked like SAS warriors charging into battle.  Ned knocked in goal number 3 only 28 minutes into the game.

Minutes later and the same BAC2 gang had the ball again and charged.  Goal 4 was scored by Hammy, BAC2 were making this look easy.  BAC2 4 – Lydney 0 was how it stayed by half time.

The half time chat contained the usual strategy discussions, exploring the oppositions weaknesses and how to further exploit them, but there was a new objective being discussed.  It was generally agreed that winning was inevitable, the new mission was to see just how many more goals we could score, possibly even double figures, it sounded fun.

As the 2nd half started it was clear that Lydney were keeping their cool and still had some fight in them, their number 80 had more fight than most.  Lydney quickly won a couple of shorts, the first kept out by Kay who lay flat across the goal blocking it off, the Lydney players couldn’t lift the ball.  The second short was cleared by Carrie.

Soon after BAC2 were back in the Lydney D and it looked like we were in for an exciting 2nd half.  Hammy took a shot and was denied by the post.  The ball went out wide to Ali and she took a shot, it was a tight angle but in it went for her hat trick and the teams 5th goal.

It wasn’t long after the reset before BAC2 had the ball again and won a couple of shorts.  Both shorts were cleared and following the second Lydney belted the ball straight up the centre of the pitch.  The ball traveled far and fast straight through all the BAC2 players and connected with a solitary Lydney attacker.  It was now a case of 1 on 1 and Kay came out quickly to close the angle.  Our defenders were racing back to support and Fran was quick into the action.  There was a switch to the right, a shot at goal, in it went.  BAC2 5 – Lydney 1.

Hammy was furious, we all felt disappointed and time just stopped as we all looked at each other.  Actually time stopped because Fran got an elbow to the head and needed a moment to recover and demand an apology from Lydney #80, no apology was forthcoming.  This was another peculiarity of the match, we were 5-1 up and looked like the losing team because we conceded a goal.

Ceri decided now was the time she would score her first goal, BAC2 had the ball and Ceri was in the D and right in the action.  Shot after shot Ceri fired at the goal but the keeper was having none of it.  BAC2 won a short corner, straight to Ceri and now the whole Lydney defense were denying her a place on the score sheet.

BAC2 won a long corner and it went straight through to Ali, today that meant only one thing, another goal and her 4th in the game.  BAC2 6 – Lydney 1.

To Lydney’s credit they played with a keen spirit right to the very end of the match even winning a short corner right on the final whistle, which they wasted.

This was a big win for BAC2, 3 points to improve our league standing and a healthy goal tally to improve our goal difference.  After cheers for the teams and warm-downs concluded, it was time for the best teas in the league.

Back at The Parkway, curry, rice, mango chutney and large fresh poppadoms was the serving, delicious it was too.  Man of the match nominations were for Ali, Leanne, Ceri, Jo, Carrie. The winner was 4 goals Ali.

Video clips from the match for your viewing pleasure. (Sorry, I only caught 2 of the goals).


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