Monthly Archives: January 2013

Match Report ~ Jaspers 4 vs BAC 0 26/01/13


BAC started the game well, using patient play and triangles to put the Jaspers goal under pressure for the first 10 minutes of the game. However, the tides quickly turned and the BAC defence was subjected to wave upon wave of Jaspers attacks.

Match Report ~ BAC2 3 v Westberries3 1

The players gathered, warmed up, had a chat, talked tactics and ran onto the pitch….I assume, as I wasn’t there.  Having turned up 5 minutes after the start of the match the BAC2 ladies looked on good form and were dominating the match.

2 Sticks Sophie was pacing the sidelines and looked focused, really focused.  Something was on 2 Sticks mind, this match was more than just another league game, there was a greater significance to this meeting.

Match Report ~ Redland UWE3 3 vs BAC2 4

First match of the new year and BAC2 were away to Redland UWE.  Most of the team were moaning of Christmas excess but we were only sporting 1.5 hangovers, (the 0.5 comes from there being much debate as to whether one of our players was still drunk and therefore not hungover).

Match Report ~ Old Bristolians 5 vs BAC2 2

This match was the rescheduled game previously cancelled due to a frozen pitch.  The players gathered in Failand for a mid afternoon start and it was already starting to get dark.

Pre-match preparation involved circling the area repeatedly looking for a parking spot, dressing up in winter hiking gear to make the long journey cross country to get to the pitch and finally organising search parties and sending out scouts to look for our umpire.