Match Report ~ BAC2 1 vs Old Bristolians3 2

Todays clash was the highly anticipated BAC2 vs OB3s.  In the previous 2 meetings OB3s have dished out a thumping and BAC2 were keen to salvage some points from this 3rd encounter of the season.  At this stage in the season BAC2 are realistically fighting for a good mid table showing in the league, however OB3’s are competing for the leagues top place so this match means a lot to them.

BAC2 were first to take to the pitch and managed a whole half lap jog around the pitch before wheezing into some stretched.  OB3s completed 3 laps of the pitch, shuttle runs, shuttle runs involving lunges, choreographed  side stepping stretches, ball drills, more ball drills, talk about eye liner and some more ball drills including some amazingly quick passing moves.

There was some mutterings among the BAC2 players prior to the match, one conversation followed the lines “Better put on a good performance as the firsts are here”.  The 1st team representatives were also muttering among themselves trying to decide whether the OB3 male supporter looked like a Hugo Boss model.

The umpires spoke to the captains and then Ceri returned to brief the team, OB3’s captain returned and lead more ball drills.

Peep from the whistle and it was game on.  A cautious and slow start from both teams with the action being contained for a while in the centre area of the pitch.  BAC2 made the fist attack which came to nothing, OB3 pushed back hard and the 4 BAC2 supporters were getting nervous.  With a long and sustained attack OB3 managed to fire one in the net and open the scoring.  BAC2 0 – OB3 1.

BAC2 responded quickly and hard and won a couple of shorts, sadly wasted.  Ned took a knock to the knee in the excitement but ran it off, BAC2 aren’t the sort of lay on the floor whinging.  The pace now was frantic and fast, it was very exciting.

BAC2 kept on the pressure and won a short, Carrie out to Hammy and in it went with speed, accuracy and cheers from the crowd.  Great goal.  BAC2 1 – OB3 1.

Following the reset BAC2 were in possession of the ball and a short was followed by a long corner.  Hammy brought the ball into play and an OB3 player mashed her nose onto the top of Hammy’s head.  Time briefly stopped whilst the OB3 player exited the pitch with a bleeding nose.

Half time blew and this journalist interviewed the fans.

Me: “How do you think the game is going so far?”

Sally:  “It’s a game of 2 halves”

Tapper: “They’re holding their own”

Lor: “It’s bloody cold”

Minutes into the 2nd half there was no shortage of excitement.  OB3 attacked (in a playing hockey way not a headbutting type way) and had a shot at an open goal which they missed.  BAC2 responded and won a short which they wasted.  A series of runs from BAC2 ran out of steam each time as they couldn’t get players forward quickly enough to support.  OB3 repelled each BAC2 attack and immediately put BAC2 under pressure.  Eventually this pattern broke and OB3 managed to score their second goal.  Their Hugo Boss model seemed very excited by this.  BAC2 1 – OB3 2.

By now BAC2 had 9 supporters on the sidelines in time to see one of the most controversial umpiring decisions of the season.  The action was in the OB3 D and there was a shot on goal where an OB3 player was on her knees and blocked the shot with her knee.  The umpire in the D blew the whistle, pointed to the penalty spot and indicated a flick.  The second umpire comes in and the two umpires chat, after which the whistle is blown again and a short corner is indicated.  Despite asking the umpires at the time and after the match, there was still uncertainty regarding the explanation for the decisions.  Foot faults, the shot was not on goal and just about every other reason was discussed as to why it wasn’t a flick, but to those of us there it didn’t look like it could be anything else.

The game now stepped up a gear with BAC2 pushing really hard and OB3 having to work harder to keep possession.  Eventually the inevitable occurred and a player was hurt, again an OB3 player.  When play resumed OB3 made a run into the BAC2 D.  After some quick, sharp passing they found a space and it was 1 on 1 between an OB3 attacker and Keeper Kay.  There was plenty of space and time for the OB3 attacker to select her spot and slot in another goal, she took aim and……NO!  From out of nowhere dived Coxy and she just managed to block with the end of her stick whilst crashing to the floor.  That single act of skill, commitment and heroism kept BAC2 in the game with minutes to go.  As Coxy stood up, most of the BAC2 team ran over to pat her on the back.

Sadly BAC2 couldn’t find the equaliser and the full time score was BAC2 1 – OB3 2.

Back at the Parkside there was stew and dumplings for teas.  Man of the match nominations were for Coxy, Kay, Ceri, Hammy and new girl Katie in her first match, the joint winners were Keeper Kay and Heroine Coxy.

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