BAC v Lansdown (14/02/20) 0-7

Today was not our day on the pitch but we still had some highlights, which included:

– Some patches of really positive play including flowing attacks from one end to the other and switching play across the pitch, particularly towards the end of the first half. Cheryl summed it up when she said half time did not come at the right time for us today! Onwards and upwards for the rest of the season.

– Ruth, after being hit on the calf by the ball, being confused that Darren didn’t carry her off this time.
– Sarah’s starring role as our chief supporter, photographer and player of the match invigilator this week….and we tried not to mention the fact she has been at our 2 worst games this season!
– Epic pulled pork baps at teas, which cheered us all up. Thanks, Brownie!
– Briony’s intense hatred of fusilli pasta.
– A very informative discussion at teas with the team’s chief scientist and microscope expert, Maz.

Player of the match this week was hotly contested(!) and the results were:

1 Sledger
2 Brownie
3 Briony
4 Cheryl and Debbie

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