BAC 7 – RedlandUWE2 1 (25/02/17)

Written By: Tinny ‘Double Hatrick’ Oliver

Quote:  “It’s a good game to miss as we probably won’t win……”  Dave, 21st January 2017

It was an interesting start to the day what with ‘RatGate’ and the setting up the pitch like it was the first game of hockey ever to be played at Abbeywood.  We welcomed Kat to the team for the first time this season and after a lengthy chat from Kingers about the weather and chances of rain – detail curtesy of BBC News Carol, we got stuck into the warm up.

There seemed to be an air of nervousness around the ranks today. The whistle finally blew and R.UWE got us underway, with a short flurry of an attack leading to a goal line flat stick slap clearance by Maz off the side-line. The ball was passed around by BAC in midfield and from then on it was BAC all the way.  For the next 34 (or so!!) minutes BAC totally and utterly dominated the play…..the injection of pace at the right times, the confidence on and off the ball and the pure team mentality all over the pitch led to greatness!!  With some cracking work by Liz doing what Liz does best by forcing the ‘You are not 5’ shout from the umpire, she forced her way past the R.UWE midfield, sent the ball to Tinny in the D, who rolled her defender, moved the ball onto the reverse and struck the ball into the corner of the net…..1-0.

The BAC pressure increased and with some expert control of the midfield from Bish, Sally, WP, Kingers picked up the ball, took on the R.UWE defence, drove her way to the back line and picked out a perfect pass to Tinny to take on the keeper, who tried to stop her by hitting her(!) with a hand pad, but round Tinny went to score her second, 2-0.  Not easing up on the gas, BAC held back from the restart and plucked the ball from R.UWE.  The defence pairing of Maz and Chez cleared EVERYTHING that came their way, calmly finding the midfield or side lines from all clearances – until Chez bravely got her head in the way of an onslaught from a R.UWE player.  We are still unsure if it was a head, elbow or stick….but it result in Chez being KO’d and taking a few minutes to regain her field of vision and be able to walk in a straight line.  Heroically she came back on shortly after.  Sally then found herself pressing forward with the ball, took on a couple of players, smashed the ball into Tinny, who tucked it into the net for her hat trick….3-0.

Refusing to give R.UWE a break and again holding back from the restart, an interception led to more BAC possession and the ball was now being played around the pitch, from left to right, the flanks being used by Kingers and Kat, back to the midfield and at times to Chez and Maz.  The ball was being pumped into the D, and with a continual high press up the pitch, the second attacking line of Sledger and Liz picked up loose balls being cleared from the D.  This led to a short being awarded.  Out it came, to Liz….(don’t ask!!), to Bish and who was there to finish….TINNY!!!  4-0.  By this time Bex was becoming nervous, Maz – who went through various emotions from nervous, confused, scared to excited, and Chez were hugging and BAC were flying.

BAC still wanted more….and we got more, WP picked the ball up on our 23 line, she drove her way through and past the R.UWE midfield, found Kingers who once again pushed to the back line, fired it across the D, and waiting was Tinny to fire the ball into the roof of the net 5-0.  From the restart Bex cries of HOOOOOOLLLLD could be heard back at the cricket club.  It was also the first time ever Bex smiled during a game, but maybe that was due to the new sports bra she was wearing – her first apparently!!  Other things that happened in the first half were: their keeper throwing herself on the ball and trapping it with her hand, Kingers having a cracking shot saved on the line and Bish ignoring the short corner routine because she ‘wanted to try her new stick!!’


The second half started and BAC picked up where the 1st half finished….until R.UWE found a bit of rhythm and possession.  It was now time to step up and see how we could cope with a bit of pressure…..well expertly of course!!  The defence held strong the midfield spread the ball well and the front line did their share of defending.  Kat made sure her player did not get the freedom to push down the side line and despite calls from R.UWE of ‘don’t go down the middle’ we pushed them there and they had no outlet.  Playing the hit them on the break game worked for BAC as a quick break from the back through midfield to WP, who pushed into the D which led to the keeper – yet again, throwing herself on the ball and refusing to move.  FLICK.  As the entire team walked back to the halfway line, up stepped Tinny to finish for the DOUBLE HAT TRICK!!

Then, step forward goal number 7….Sledger picked the ball up in our half, a 1-2 with Tinny opened up the midfield, a second 1-2 carved open the defence and Sledger expertly finished for 7-0.  Claps from the side line followed – epic as none of them were BAC supporters!!

Liz tried to find the corner to see the game out, but her legs couldn’t go as fast as she wanted and she ran out of pitch!! And with BAC attacking, R.UWE refused to give up and with a long ball, chopped the BAC midfield and defence open for the first time and sadly a good finish meant the final score was 7-1.  PHEW!!!!

BAC and R.UWE left the field to applause from the oppo supporters and the 2 awaiting teams.  What a game.  Still can’t quite believe it!!


MOTM - Tinny 6 goals

MOTM – Tinny 6 goals

1st – Tinny

2nd – Sledger

3rd – Bish

Popping Prosecco seemed the right this to do....

Popping Prosecco seemed the right this to do….

Cougar 58

Cougar 58

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  1. Mum! says:

    🙁 🙁 🙁 ,that’s beacause I wasn’t there! FAB-U LOUS,well done

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