BAC 4 – Lydney2 1 – 19th Novemebr 2016

Written by: Becky ‘the bullet’ Lewis Caroll

*For the short version, skip to the end!

So, were back at home this week to face Lydney2. It was a very chilli start to the day, noted by the fact that half the BAC team refused to go outside into the dugout! After a quick ‘whiteboard run through’ from Dave, BAC we raring to get out there and get the 3 points. I, on the other hand, was still puzzled by the term ‘defender danger’!

After a good warm up, BAC were more than up for it.

After winning the toss, Lydney start with the ball. Bac were off to a good start though, after winning the ball back and charging forward. This, however was to no avail, as Lydney make an interception, and win the ball back. BAC, are now on the back foot, with Lydney on the break. Charging forward, they were looking dangerous, as they entered the BAC D. Liz charged into the D shadowing the Lydney forward. Lydney were awarded a penalty corner, due to Liz or Dave’s ‘phantom foot’! BAC defence face masked up, looking menacing, ready to stop this ball at all costs. As the ball was taken (straight hit to the top of the D) the BAC defence rushed out, with ‘the Sledgend’ living up to her name and making an impressive steal from the Lydney attack, and away and out of the D.

Play continued to alternate for the next 15 mins or so, with BAC attacking, then Lydney, and so on….

Lydney charge down the left( my left, their right) Brownie and Sledge both try to win the ball back, with Sledge charging across the pitch and Brownie charging down the line. Disaster strikes- Brownie takes Sledge out in one blow! Play is stopped as Sledge is now off the pitch, on the floor, caught up in the netting. As we all look on with concern, Sledge is left writhing around like a fly in  a spiders web, or a helpless tortoise that has become stuck on it’s back( I’m now out of animal metaphors!) As we all look on, now slightly more bemused than concerned- Sledge manages to get to her feet. BAC look on with relief in our eyes!

Play is restarted, with Lydney having a side line ball. They attack down the line, and have a shot on goal, which is saved by the keeper. BAC on the break now, the ball fired into the Lydney D, Tinny strikes- ball saved on the line by a Lydney foot. Penalty flick awarded to BAC.

Tinny steps up to take the flick. She takes the flick, it looks good, its going in……..Oh no, slightly wide, its hits the post. Lydney have a lifeline, and BAC have broken hearts. But, not to let this get our heads down, BAC charge down again and were awarded a short. Short taken, lovely pin ball move across the D, shot saved by the Lydney defence.

Play continued like this, with BAC awarded another short, again saved by the Lydney defence. And, another short, this time it was in. A lovely pass to Bish, who layed off to Tinny, and in it went. Finally BAC had broken the Lydney defence.

Score at half time BAC 1- Lydney 0.


BAC  started the second half well, pushing forward, and again testing the Lydney defence. Play was again, up and down the pitch, with BAC making some lovely runs forward. Cheryl picks up the ball on the left, works her ass off charging down the line, lovely pass to Bish, who lays it off to Tinny, who then makes the best goal any of us have ever seen( and we all watched the Olympic games!) She picks up the ball, with back to goal  does a reverse hit, and slams it past the keeper( who had no chance, not even sure Maddie would have stopped that!) As we all stopped for a minute to celebrate Tinny’s pure moment of absolute hockey genius, Tinny looked around hoping that, by some coincidence, a GB scout turned up to watch the game today! But, alas, they probably had more important things to do.

Anyway, back to business, Lydney ball. They come charging toward the BAC defence, into the D, and on to a BAC foot. Short corner awarded. Ball is played out to the top of the D, they shoot, the BAC keeper tries to stop it, but it goes high past the keeper, over the line and down on to the back board. GOAL. As the BAC defence regroup, and compose themselves after the annoyance of letting Lydney back into the game. And vowed to not let anymore goals in.

BAC start, pressing Lydney once again, straight into the Lydney D, having a shot, the keeper saving, and it hitting a defenders foot. BAC short. The ball goes to Sally who then passes to Tinny, who then shoots. Now the ball is pinging around the D, off the keepers pads, again and again, then finally pushed into the goal, by no other than……(you guessed it) Tinny! Bac once again celebrate this time being 3-1 up.

Lydney ball, BAC regroup, and hold in the middle, trying to stop Lydney from breaking through again. BAC intercept the ball, and are again on the hunt for more goal storming the Lydney D. Another short awarded.  Now, because I forgot to record details on this one after the game, I’m going to have to either do it from memory or embellish slightly……….

Maz hits out to Tinny at the top of the D, Tinny hits the ball towards the goal, with both Maz and Sally charging in to poach the goal. It travels under both their sticks, eventually crossing the line. GOAL. After a video referral, Tinny is awarded the goal. Her FOURTH of the game. Yay.

But Lydney were not giving up. They kept charging into the BAC goal, time after time in the latter part of the second half. Their heads were not going and down, and they had their eyes set on getting more goals. They kept pressing, and pressing, being awarded a couple more shorts. One of which was expertly defended by the Sledgend. She charged out with no fear, stopping the ball before it could get close to the goal.

It seemed to be panic stations at the back, with lydney having shot after shot, with the BAC keeper making save after save. They weren’t giving up. And BAC were in danger of conceding another. The pressure was on, everyone was feeling it. Maz was being shouted out for marking too much, the BAC keeper was being tightly marked by the Lydney forward. Due to this, BAC made an unusual tactical move. The keeper came out of goal and played a s a defender, whilst Sally took over in goal just to throw them off a bit!** Things were getting topsy turvy back there. Thankfully, BAC got the ball back in the D. The keeper made a save, passed to Cheryl, who passed down the line and out of danger, giving the BAC defence time to regroup, and more importantly- breathe.

With BAC now charging forward again, could a fifth be on the cards for Tinny?? No, full time whistle blows. Leaving the score at BAC 4 Lydney2 1

And relax……….

*So in summary-

Lydney worked their butts off, and never gave up

  • Phantom foot got a short
  • Brownie took out Sledge
  • Sledge got stuck in a net
  • Tinny missed a pen
  • But, got FOUR goals
  • Maz had a fight with a youngster
  • Sally went in goal**
  • Dave did some impressive aerials
  • Bish looked like she got shot in the a$$
  • Delicious soup at teas
  • And, we all miss Zack!

Man of the match this week-       


3rd- Kingers

2nd- Sledge

1st- Tinny

MOTM Goal Machine Tinny

MOTM Goal Machine Tinny


Prosecco in the Library daaahling

Prosecco in the Library daaahlings

**Disclaimer- Obviously this decision was made without the knowledge of the captain/vice/tactical coach Dave, as they would surely have had a small coronary over it!


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