Jaspers 6 – BAC 0 (07/03/15)

‘All the gear no idea’

BAC Ladies took the trip to Hanham, to play top of the table Jaspers, we lost 6 – 0.

I’ve decided not to talk about the game any further, mainly as my therapist say’s I shouldn’t dwell on things. So I will concentrate this match report on other, far my joyous things.

Zach turned up again, we’re thinking he may have something to do with our recent ‘form’? So are considering a 3 match ban?? He took a lovely photo though of us in our shiny new jackets.

Katie ‘WP’ Wooller won the award for most effort put into getting to a match ever, by cycling from one end of centre parks to the other, to get in her car and drive from Warminster to Hanham for a 9am meet. Well done Wooller.

Maddie ‘Mad Dog’ Parrish, joined the first team for this fixture. Things we learnt about Mad Dog are: she is a nutter and fierce in a tackle, she wears spotty shorts that may cause fitting, she says funny things like semester and garbage!  Things Mad Dog learnt are, THERE ARE SHOWERS AT ABBYWOOD, towels are not provided for our use and I love it when she say’s things like semester and garbage.

My favourite comment of the game came from Becky  ‘the bullet’ Lewis when she yelled ‘We win together, we die together’!!!

Cheryl and I both learnt the hard way that the astro at Hanham High School, really f’ing hurts when you land with a thud. Both of our indentations are in the pitch and still available for viewing. I have a scab in the shape of New Zealand.

Dave has a new job and is very happy, to celebrate this what else would you drink but Cherry Lambrini!!! It was nice, in a….. I’ve just drunk paint stripper, kind of way.

There was a chair in the showers for Bish to sit and sing.

Sledger was too fast to be man marked by the Jaspers player who quote ‘does not play that way’.

We had cheesy chip butties at teas. They were nice.

The sun was out, lovely day, Cheryl went home to hang her washing out. She was very excited.

Dave went home to Mark, not sure who he is, but I’m not sure Simon will be happy!!

Liz informed those of us going to see the other mighty reds that our tickets arrived!! Woooooo Hoooooo!!!!

Kingers has a totally fabulous new house, the en suite is SOoooooooooooooooo awesome and the garden is perfect in the sunshine.

Maz showed off the corset she would be wearing for her night out. There was concern it had no bottom, I think she wore her BAC Track Pants with it?!

Tinny finally has the red nose ‘ninja’ she has wanted for a long time. All her dreams have come true.



1st Maz & Bish

Runners Up:  SALLY, Tinny, Becky, Maddie and Sledger



Lambrini Dave just wants to have fun...

Lambrini Dave just wants to have fun…

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  1. Dave says:

    Best match report ever!

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